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Likoria disease in female due to warm stomach and blood

Likoria DiseaseLikoria Female Disease

What is Likoria disease ?

Likoria is a bad disease in our female. Likoria is damage of woman beauty and charm.

Why does it come in our woman ?

1. There is some basic problem of Likoria disease in the female. Weakness is a big problem of Likoria in the female.

2. Lack of vitamins.

3. They do not breakfast at the time for slim and smart. They are not eating at a time. Mostly, the woman remains slim smart and pretty himself. Remembered, Likoria is the dangerous disease for health.

How it Viktoria ?

It is a white off white and yellow thick water. We can say that it is power in women for pregnancy.

What reason Likoria from unmarried girls ?

First of all’ we tell you that its big reason due to weakness and not due to sex and lack of vitamins.

How to eat healthily ?

Cold things are very good in Likoria, dry things and avoid from hot things. We should use in it orange, curd, dry milk, etc.

Likoria home treatment ?

Tips for Likoria: There are many Likoria tips.

1. Kajo, Mai, Jamun,s of Copal in equal quantity with some rice in a glass water. please eat it for tow weeks.

2. 10 or 8 Leaf of Sheesham grind in a glass water and drink it daily. at least use it for one month.

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