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Likoria in unmarried Girls

Likoria in unmarried Girls

Likoria Problem
There are many reasons of Likoria in unmarried girls.Some are below.
It discharges inner system of girls who suffering from Likoria infection.It is a bad disease in our girls.
It comes in our girls from bad sexual activities.
Likoria brings trouble weakness in urine system,It heart full for body relief because it brings weakness in body bones.
It finishes beauty from Likoria disease and makes body old so only.
It comes wrong media.
Touch feel any person with the love relationship.
It the main problem of weakness and lack of vitamins in our body.
It comes from hard working and stress.
1. white Likoria solution
1- Amla 20gm
2- Sipari pak 20gm
3- Bee honey 5gm
Mix well,use it 5gm before breakfast daily with fresh water one glass
2. white Likoria solution
1- Agvain desi 40gm
2- Kali mirch 20gm
3- Sat podina 30gm
4- Sonth 20gm
5- Tezpat 20gm
6- Isghendh 20gm
Mix well, 5gm after 1 hour eating with fresh water.Solution all diseases of women in it treatment.
3. white likoria solution
1- Kiker ki kachi phali 40gm
2- Suger 10gm
Use it before breakfast with one glass water.

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