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Medically supervised Weight Loss

Medically supervised Weight Loss

Weight Loss
Fitness is a dreadful disease. Everybody wants to be smart and gorgeous as an ideal. Exercise is very necessary for weight loss but the use of some homemade fitness tips with exercise gives us best results. Here are some easy tips for weight loss.
Drink 8 to 10 glass water daily. It stops the making of fats in the body.
Eat one bowl of popcorn daily.
After the meal, take a little amount of anise with one glass of water.
Take fried fennel seeds before breakfast helps to control weight.
Grind Nigella seeds and mix sugar in it and take a pinch daily with water.
Take one spoon of reddish seeds with water. It burns the fats.
Take one cup apple vinegar and mix ¾ cup honey and 250grams chopped garlic in it. Take two spoons daily before breakfast.
Mix one spoon honey and juice of half lemon in a glass of water and take it daily.
Mix ½ cup pineapple, two spoons of apple vinegar, salt and pepper to taste and cook it and make it like syrup, take one spoon of this syrup twice a day.
Chew a thin slice of ginger with 4-5 mint leaves daily. It helps to burn extra fats in the body.
Eat a boiled beetroot daily to control the weight.

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