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Several people across the globe love sports and betting is certainly a pure bliss for plenty of gaming enthusiasts, thus, helping them earn a handsome amount of money.

Winning any bet is just a matter of probability, and it is like a 50-50 chance to win or lose.

No one can ever be sure of winning the game, and you can either win all of it and be a millionaire overnight, else you can end up losing everything all at once.

Over time, with dedication and practice, you get to know how things actually work!

Since betting has luck and strategy to enhance your chances of winning the bet, you need to be aware of the terms associated with the same!

In the game of football, betting over 1.5 goals has got some meaning as well. As you go down the line, you will get to know the in and out!

What does over 1.5 mean?

If you are placing a bet in a handicap betting, and over 1.5, goals is to be scored, it simply means that there should be 2 or more goals which are to be scored in the game.

In order to remove the tie or the draw as your possibility throughout the game, you have that 0.5. 

What does under 1.5 mean?

Although this article is more about 1.5, you would still need to know what under 1.5 means as well. 

In handicap betting, if you place a bet, for example over 1.5 goals to be scored, this means that there need to be 2 or more goals scored in the game. The 0.5 is simply to remove the draw/tie as a possibility.

In case you bet on under 1.5, it simply means that you would only be able to score only 1 goal. In case you get anything that is greater than 1, it stands out to be a losing bet.

You might wonder if this idea is just for the game of football or is it Incorporated in other games too!

Well, the principle is absolutely the same for football goals, tennis (sets) and darts (legs) and more. 

What is the meaning of both halves over 1.5?

It means that the total goals that are to be scored must either be 2 or more than that.

In case there is no goal is just a single goal in both the halves, it means that the winning party will be the one that places the bet for “No.” 

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