Visiting Nigeria for the first time? Tourists Survival Guide

African countries are full of mysteries and full of adventure. The countries of Africa does not commonly make it to the travel bucket list of many however if someone wants to experience different traveling vibes then there is not a better option than going to Nigeria which is located on the west side of Africa.

There are a misconception and misrepresentation of African states, including Nigeria about how danger these places can be.

The news is showing the negative side of Nigeria and other countries, which contributes to the unwillingness of traveling to such countries – read more.

Nigeria is developing, and their many great things to experience in this country.

The news that people often see on TV is just a tragedy that happens to every other country. 

People who have visited the country or Nigeria have more positive things to say than negative.

It is an exotic place to travel to. However, there are few things that you need to keep in mind if you decide to go to Nigeria for a vacation.

5 Travel tips for traveling to Nigeria

1.   Start the Visa process early – The Visa process can be a hectic task, especially if you are planning to go to Nigeria.

You might also need to submit extra things that you would not submit for a visa process.

The visa authority will ask for a passport, confirmation application of the payment, confirmation of reservation of Hotel or the place where you are going to stay and bank statement for making sure that you have the budget to travel to this country.

Of course the process of visa may vary in different countries, so check a respected counsellor website.

2.   Hire a Driver – It is a smart choice to hire a Driver beforehand rather than looking a local transport when you reach the airport because the traffic in Nigeria Is heavy.

There is a slow process of dealing with accidents. So if you are traveling to Nigeria, you can book Uber Nigeria which can help you transport without wasting time and energy. 

3.   Stay in Island – The island is much more comfortable than the mainland not because of the security reasons.

If you happen to stay in the mainland than there is nothing wrong and you won’t miss out on anything.

The tourists prefer island area because it is not far from the local attractions that the tourists can visit.

The transport fee will definitely reduce if you stay in the island area, but the traffic will be lots regardless of the place you are staying.

4.   Be cool and open-minded – You can explore the city by going to small alleys and in the streets.

Experience the life of Nigeria by being an open-minded person and talking to the locals without any hesitation.

Nigerians are welcoming and very fun to hang around. You will not feel left out if you treat them like a friend.

5.   Bargain – Don’t settle for market price or modified market price for tourists.

Bargain or negotiate each and every item that you will buy in the local markets. 

So these are the guides to travel in Nigeria.

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